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The Benefits Of White-Glove Delivery Services

The rise of the digital age has allowed e-commerce businesses to experience tremendous growth. Changing consumer spending habits as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has put e-commerce at the forefront of retail. As the products being purchased online are expanding, delivery services and the trucking industry have been busier now more than ever before.

One example is an increase in consumers purchasing furniture and home goods online. The good news for manufacturers and retailers is that there is a growing e-commerce market for their products. The new challenge is figuring out how to deliver these large, bulky items like couches and dishwashers to their customers safely. In the past, brick-and-mortar stores have provided their own delivery services for a fee. However, the experience was not very customer friendly, with only certain delivery days, long delivery times, and extra fees for a lot of assessorials.

The upsurge of the e-commerce market has put more pressure on retailers to step-up their level of customer service. Today’s consumers expect items like furniture and appliances to be delivered to their homes, uncrated, set up, and all packaging and old products to be removed. Additionally, shoppers have come to expect the same fast delivery times with these deliveries as small packages. Larger and more expensive items require a certain amount of care when it comes to moving or transporting them. In this case, choosing a white-glove delivery service can be the most efficient and safe option for your business needs.

What is a White-Glove Service? 

White-Glove delivery service is a method of shipping or receiving products that need special attention than regular parcels due to their size, value, or fragility. These types of shipments are usually heavy and need to be handled with utmost care to ensure that the items should arrive in pristine condition. The term “white-glove” comes from the white gloves worn by staff in luxury businesses and symbolizes meticulous care, attention, or service.

White-Glove delivery experts are highly-trained and equipped with the ability to install and assemble these products on-site and use specialized equipment if necessary. Interestingly enough, the delivery drivers are also known to wear white gloves when handling the goods, to ensure the greatest care, minimizing the risk of any items being damaged during transport. The services will use the best practices and materials when handling the shipment.

Depending on the company, White-Glove delivery services will typically include pre and post-site inspections of the area where the shipment needs to be installed to determine any specific configurations during installation.  Packagers and drivers are trained to delicately handle the products and employ safe, clean transportation methods. Your shipment will always arrive in premium protective packaging such as wooden crates, styrofoam, bubble wrap, glass masks, and packing peanuts to protect your packages against any damage. Some companies also offer assembly and disassembly of furniture and appliances so that your shipment is ready to use right away. Lastly, companies may also offer to dispose of your old items as part of their service. The entire process is done attentively and in a timely manner to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

Who Should Use White-Glove Delivery Services?

White-Glove delivery service is ideal for individual consumers or businesses whose shipments are of high value, fragility, or weight.

White-glove delivery keeps online shopping deliveries safe from damage or theft. When individual consumers order expensive or fragile items, they want to make sure that these items will arrive safely. Costly products such as electronics or large home appliances can easily be lost or damaged during the delivery process, but white-glove delivery services can provide individual consumers with reassurance that these items are in good hands.

Business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies frequently use white-glove delivery services. Not only do they benefit businesses in the furniture, home appliances, or electronics industries, but there are many other types of services that depend on white-glove delivery services for their customers. For example, a bakery business might want to use a white-glove delivery service to ensure safe, speedy delivery of their baked goods. Many white-glove delivery companies use temperature control technology, which is great for bakery businesses that want to maintain their reputation of fresh and delicious food.

Why You Should Choose a White-Glove Delivery Service For Your Business

White-Glove services are becoming increasingly popular among retailers and consumers because of the special care and personalized experience that it offers and executes. The customer-oriented approach can be beneficial in many ways if you have a business that requires delivery. Here are some ways that choosing a white-glove delivery service can be advantageous for your business.

  1. Better customer service: If you have a business that requires delivery services, you probably understand that today’s consumers have high expectations — whether buying a relatively low-cost item or major appliances. If these expectations are not met, consumers will likely choose other products or vendors. With a white-glove delivery service, customers are always the top priority. Your business can eliminate the need for tedious guesswork with scheduled, assured deliveries and a single point of contact.
  1. A lower chance of damage: White-glove delivery services use premium packaging materials and temperature control technology to keep your shipments safe throughout the entire process. You will no longer have to worry about any damaged items arriving at your customers.
  1. Environmental consciousness: Traditional shipment methods often require the packages to make multiple stops at different distribution centers before arriving at the final destination. With white-glove delivery services, the package will come straight from point A to point B. Scheduled deliveries are much better for the environment.
  1. Reliability: The attentive care and handling that white-glove services provide eliminates the need to worry about missing, delayed, or lost shipments. As a premium service, real-time updates and tracking information will be provided for you and your customers. You will know when your shipment is expected and where it is throughout every step of the process.
  1. Supply chain solutions: Many freight brokers, such as Go Trucking Services, offer supply chain solutions such as return management, cross-border services, automated shipping schedules, inventory management, and more. Such solutions can greatly improve your business’s quality control, efficiency, shipping optimization, and cash flow.

Do any of your products have unique shipping requirements? Are there any items that you know will need special handling in the final mile? Go Trucking Services is ready to provide you with the greatest customer service, and we guarantee to exceed your expectations. Contact us today at (562)-222-2004.


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