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White Gloves Services: What You Need to Know

All businesses need transportation at some point. Although transportation is simply the movement of goods from one location to another, some intricacies and logistics are behind every successful transportation. This means that most businesses may not have the time and facilities to meet their own transportation needs.

To solve this problem, there are reputable transport companies, like Go trucking services to handle the transportation needs of businesses and individuals and ensure flawless delivery of goods. However, there are different types of delivery services.

The three common delivery services offered by companies are standard, threshold, and white glove. Standard delivery services help move your parcel from its origin and deliver it outside your business or home. Threshold delivery is slightly different because it moves your parcel from its origin and delivers it inside, not outside your businesses or home.

White Glove Delivery

What is White Glove Delivery

Some people define white glove delivery as luxury delivery services, but it’s more than that.

Not only is your freight moved with utmost care but it is also taken inside, unpacked, and set up when it arrives. What more? You won’t have to do anything, the movers dispose of all packing materials.

When should you use White Glove Services?

It is advisable to consider using white glove delivery when you want a transport company that can handle your goods with extra care and when you have big deliveries like pallets of delicate goods, scratchable furniture, or any large freight that could easily damage.

How expensive is White Glove Delivery?

Ironically, white glove delivery falls in the low-cost large-item shipping category. Some of the following factors, however, may impact your price.

  1. Delivery Schedule: Your delivery service would have to bear more cost for overtime and additional wages if you require them to deliver your package on holidays and overnight. You may have to pay more.
  2. Location: Rural towns get less traffic than larger cities and transportation services frequent some locations more than others. All of these may impact your price.
  3. Product Specifications: More workers and energy is required to move 400-pounds of pottery than 200-pounds worth of pottery. Also if your package has an unusual shape, it could be harder to transport it than square boxes. You may have to pay more for this.
  4. Delivery: if you need the courier to deliver your package to your home or business that is hidden at the end of a 20-mile dirt road? Then you are paying more.

How to prepare for your white glove package.

After contacting your delivery service for a white glove delivery, you have to prepare your package. This would not only speed up your delivery but also help your moving crew.

  1. Clear the path leading to the final destination of the package. Remove cords, cables or other things that may cause hazards. If your package is extremely large, you might want to consider removing your door from its hinges.
  2. If you want your delivery to remain spotless when it comes, clean the area you intend to put it. You don’t want to pay for your package to be clean when moved only to get dirty at its destination.
  3. Cover the floor with thin plastic sheets if your delivery service doesn’t use drop cloths. If you want your floor to remain scratch free.
  4. Be available to let the moves inside when they arrive.

Why Choose White Glove Delivery

White glove delivery can be thought of as the Louis Vuitton of delivery services. However, you are not only getting luxury, you are getting superior service for your money.


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